Friday, October 9, 2009

I am a Warrior

Within each one of us there is a warrior waiting to be unleashed, most of us get the same idea when we say the word warrior, it became a popular commodity representing famous action figures and wide screen heroes but, we never think about what that specific word means and the idea that could change our lives radically, the idea that we are all nothing less than warriors.
We grew up on tales of heroes and great leaders who gave every thing including their own lives for a great cause, some of us witnessed war, death, fear, courage and epics, some of us are heroes by the common meaning of the word, army men, police men, front line soldiers or extraordinary people who did magnificent deeds.
We all appreciate and admire those warriors who fought for what they believed in and didn't back up and never surrendered, the ones we hope our children would be as great or even close in a way or another but, that doesn't mean that a warrior's place can only be a warfare battlefield, in fact we are all warriors and we all have our battlefields, doctors and scientists fight diseases every single day, teachers and professors fight ignorance every single day and many examples that tends to infinity.
I believe that you don't have to be a soldier, a teacher, a doctor, or a politician to be a warrior, deep inside every one there is a warrior fighting every day, the battlefields may vary but, still they are all battlefields.
A warrior is the real definition of sacrifice and ever lasting immortality, a warrior is a creature defined by higher laws and codes, driven by his passion to a cause, distinguished among others by his devotion and loyalty to that cause and by his ability to go on and never give up.
Every one of us is a warrior as long as he believes in his cause, his sword is his devotion and commitment, his spear is his knowledge and wisdom, his armor is his hope and faith, his shield is his unbreakable determination and his cause is his home to die for, the one that he believes that struggling for is a great virtue, a virtue fit for saints and kings, a virtue worth fighting for.
I encourage every one to awake the warrior within, you are already in the fight, so get up and make your stand, be noticed, be recognized, be remembered and be for ever alive in the eyes of those who witnessed your fight, be for all times the true figure of a warrior.
Fight for what is right, for what is beautiful, for what is great and for what is important, fight for yourself and for your loved ones, fight your bad habits, fight smoking, fight your addiction, fight your greed, fight your dark side and let your inner light prevail, help yourself and others who need help, break your limits, fight for the weak and the needy as certainly some day others will fight for you.
So that you can say " I am a warrior"
This is how I see it, this is my cause.
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Know What's Important

We all have eyes, we all can see but can we really see through? Can we penetrate the walls of deception?
Every day we blindfold ourselves, we become unable to see what's really important and what's not, most of us became shallow and inconsiderate.

We keep ourselves from loved ones, the most important people in our lives, family and friends, brothers and sisters, wives and daughters, the ones that really matter. We blindfold ourselves with formality and keeping all the time busy trying to succeed, demonstrating the true essence of selfishness and being the center of the world.

Some people think that career comes before family, I say who gave you the right to think that way? If it weren't for your family, you wouldn't have had a career, you wouldn't even be there, a man without a family, is a plant without roots, easy to be broken, nothing to support it.
We were created on Earth as successors of God, to spread his word and multiply, to fill the land with goodness and prosperity. That's our role in our lives, to be a family.

So, take a moment and think, when was the last time you saw your parents? When was the last time you checked on your daughter? Did you even attend your son's birthday? Did you even see your grandson?

All of those and many more questions which I ask to children, parents and grandparents.
Can you really handle being alone? A question for the son who never calls his old man, can you handle being neglected by your children; because believe me, you will get old and tired and you might end up all alone just like your old man, as they say "What goes around comes around."

On the other hand, I am dying to know why would a parent abandon his child? I mean what did that weak creature do to deserve this? Why were you threaten by his presence?
How could a human be that selfish?
Humans are distinguished among other creatures by on thing; humanity!
If we don't take care of our own, then we become animals and savage, living for the purpose of surviving.

Is it so hard to pick up the phone and say hi to your son? You will never experience the pleasure of living unless you have lived for a purpose, so why can't this purpose be your family?
we all know that every one is a king in his house, a Sheppard responsible for his followers, for his family, so you must be up to the task and support your family by all means, besides it's so fulfilling and comfortable to go to bed knowing that your family are safe and sound because you did your contribution even if it was very small, it might not be that small in the eyes of your loved ones.

Take care of your own, watch each others' backs, feel the warmth of a family, your family.

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