Friday, May 28, 2010

Self Image, the fulcrum of Brain Power

Your Self Image Is The Fulcrum Of Your Brain Power.

It is your self image that determines your life's box of possibilities.

The secret of the power of your brain is your self image, it is the fulcrum of your mind. At -2 brain level you have an abnormally self centered brain. Your brain's focus is centered on trying to look for signs and trying to become the only one that counts. Though you may know the importance of others you don't get it. The only thing you understand is your own extreme self importance. You are so self absorbed that when it comes to learning you are careless and don't pay much attention to the teacher as you already think you know more than her. Therefore you live by an impractical world view and are out of tune with actual reality. Your personal reality enables you to misread your life situations and as a result your are a complete failure. You become a total dependent on your family and society. Your self image forces you to either become a criminal, a psycotic, a murderer or one fit for the mental asylum. Your self image completely rules your mind. At -2 even your omnipresent fee.

At -1 brain level you realize that you are one of many. At this level you have given up your feelings of being omnipresent. But your feelings of being extremely important; a diluted version of feelings of being omnipotent still linger. This gives you a self image of being extremely important. Sometimes you pay attention to your studies and sometimes you don't. You feel that you deserve the most of everything. And that your total dependence on your parents is only temporary and that your time will come soon. You have a privileged self image and the laws of the land you fear only for not getting caught and the shame of being known as a criminal. Your self image forces you to become a corrupt being. You know the laws of the land but you don't understand them. All you understand is your need to get ahead by hook or by crook. Your self image still rules your life.

At +1 your self image is powered by the belief that you are the best. This self image is planted by your parents. They want to see their own dreams come true through your successes. So they push you to have an over confident self image which results in your having a trophy self image. So you spend your life trying to acquire bigger and bigger trophies in life. You seek your happiness in accumulating as much wealth as possible. Real time and real life is neglected. Your family is neglected. Your life's box is determined by your over confident trophy self image.
You get the importance of learning the ropes of life and the importance of education so you do focus on your studies and become highly educated. But your trophy self image dominates your life and gives you unhappiness and your material pleasures are somewhat phony and in spite of all your successes you are not fully happy.

At +2 your self image and you are on the same page. Your pleasures, your life are all real. You know exactly your place in the world as one who is privileged to have a real life; and you know, understand and are your true self. You see everyone else as your own extended family. You have no greed or hunger for success for it's own sake. You focus on life at hand. So when you study you study with full focus. You know exactly that any amount of study is never enough. So you study and study and go on to researching the subject of your interest. You over prepare for life.

So to improve your powers of life. To make your pleasures genuine create the best possible fulcrum of your mind. Create a +2 super mature fulcrum. Create your self image that is the real you; your self image is the key to wisdom, the key to your brain power. So learn to change your fulcrum, learn to change your self image. Please read the related knols.
At -2 it is all me, me, me. The -2 self image rules your life. As -2 brain is a complete disconnect from reality the result is a -2 life. At -1 life is -1. At +1 life is +1 and at +2 life is +2. So to have a +2 life make your self image +2. Create the best possible fulcrum for your life. have the power.
Even at -2 level there is always a very important silver lining. It is that the brain and mind struggle against each other to take control of the self image. As the brain is a mussel it exercises more and the % of the brain cells that are active are far more. So a -2 brain uses much more of the brain than a normal +1. The -2 self image is the exercise excuse for the brain. So the brain at -2 is the most powerful, though in a negative way. If this extra exercised brain is diverted towards the arts then sometimes the results are spectacular. Keep this in mind if you have a -2 person in your circle. Divert his attention to becoming an artist. Also introduce love into his brain by getting him a pet especially a dog. When families have dogs they tend to show that they all own the dog. This is OK if all the members are normal or super normal. If you have a -2 or -1 family member show that the dog/pet belongs to this person exclusively. Thus love will enter his brain with all its benefits.
A -1 brain has a similar struggle for the control of the self image on a lesser degree. This mind should be diverted in a similar fashion. And the pet too should belong to this person.
Even at +1 there is a lesser struggle. So the mind becomes even more powerful if you change your self image from +1 to +2.


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