Monday, September 14, 2009

How to prepare for Interviews

You just received a phone call for a job interview and are ecstatic. An interview! Then reality sets in. What if you are terrible and freeze in the middle of a question? Do not worry. A little preparation and practice will ensure that you are able to walk into the interview with confidence and leave feeling like you aced it.

Those are some
Interview Preparation Tips:
First let's watch that video:

    Research the Company

  1. After you find you have secured an interview with a company or business, do some research through the internet or the library. Find your potential employer's mission statement and learn what the company feels is important, both as business practices and also in their employees. If you have a job interview with a small- or family-owned business, ask people you know around town for their view on what the business believes is important. The research goal is to feel secure in knowing both the background of the company as well as the specific job duties you will be expected to perform.
  2. Anticipate Questions

  3. Read over the job description of the position you've applied for. Be sure you note all the key phrases placed within the text like "attention to detail" or "strong analytical skills." Then, anticipate the types of questions that would come from those phrases. Plan on speaking about both prior work experience as well as any other outside experience or certifications that would make you a prime candidate for the position. If it helps, write out the questions and answers for quick reference in the days leading up to the interview.


  1. Once you have done all the background work, practice speaking on the questions you came up with from the job description. Run through an entire mock interview with a friend or family member to polish your presentation. Also, come up with your own questions to ask, as knowledge in the business or company shows initiative and interest on your part. - Demarco

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