Monday, September 28, 2009

Start Making a Difference

In our lives we witness sorrow and joy sadness and depression ups and downs, we witness a new tragedy unfold in front of our eyes every single moment, but what do we do? How would we act?

Is it so hard to take a stand and do your part? I don't think so. In fact there are a lot of people who gave their lives helping the needy, the poor and the sick, man or woman, elder or infant.

Some how there always seem to be a way out, like it was already written and meant to be. Some how God created those people to be the saviors of those who need to be saved, never the less that will never be enough, those who need your help can't depend on the very few that made their stand.

All of us need to speak to ourselves to the inner good that we were basically born with, the kind of instincts that drives us towards doing what we were meant to do, our purpose in life which is:

"Standing up for each other"

We can take it step by step until we can do our part, until each and every one of us can get the satisfaction of sleeping at night knowing that he did something good, that he supplied a need or even drew a smile on a child's face.

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is to look at the mirror thoroughly and think: "What do I have that I can give up? When can I spare some time for the cause? Am I really committed of it's just a fling?

You will have to break your limits and get out of your shell.

Step 2:

Ask your questions, get your answers and switch from looking at yourself to looking around you, see things with new eyes, look deep into your surroundings, I assure you that you will definitely find someone who needs your help, the old neighbor, the little kid, the homeless guy or even your own family a near or distant relative.

Step 3:

Choose the best way you can be of help depending on your expertise and skills and give it your best shot. Start with something small, something you can commit to and perform on regular bases, but nothing big for starters.

Step 4:

Like we mentioned before the key word to this thing is commitment, you don't want to fail someone depending on you, so I say hold your horses and don't involve yourself in something you can't handle as it is a huge responsibility, now hold on I didn't mean to scare you away, on the contrary I am warning you because I know the overwhelming warm satisfying feelings you will get after doing your first good deed, the feelings that will drive you to make others an others and that's in fact the goal we seek to achieve, but it must be taken step by step; for you not lose your commitment.

Step 5:

Now that you took your stand and made it clear that every body must do his part, you need to ask other people to join your case and you need to spread the word, the life style we seek and our own utopia that many have dreamed of over the ages, the one we have a chance to create and live in.

We need to be their for each other, so start doing it

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